How to install PHP on Window

One of the easiest way to get PHP development environment ready in Window will be using XAMPP . XAMPP is completely free and easy to install which come with PHP, Perl and MySQL database.

Obtain XAMPP

XAMPP can be download from apache friends

For our case, we will download window version for xampp.

After download, we run the installer with administrator right.

Let’s click next

You may deselect any unwanted components like FTP server or Mail server, but in this tutorial we will just click next and choose our installation path.

Once the path is set and confirm, click next.

and click next

Wait for the installer to install, this may take several minutes

After the installation is done, let’s click the finish button and open up xampp control panel.

Click the Start button for Apache. Once it started, you may notice the module will be highlighted in green.

And now, let’s use our browser to test out the apache server via type in localhost

And you should able to see the page above, which mean everything is good to go. So now we may delete all the files inside {xampp install path}/htdocs and replace it with our PHP file that would like to execute.

How to install PHP on Window
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