How to install wordpress in local

In this tutorial we will learn how to install wordpress into our local PC. A local version of wordpress is good to be use as development of wordpress such as template or plugin development.

Technologies and tools

  • XAMPP (if you not sure how to install it may refer here)
  • WordPress

First of all, we will have to get the copy of wordpress from After finish the download, let’s unzip the file and move all the files inside into our xampp htdocs directory.

Next, we will launch our xampp control panel and start the apache and mysql services.

Then, open up browser and go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ to create our database for wordpress. To create the new database, simply click on the databases tab on the top menu.

Select Databases

And we should be able to see a textbox asking for database name, so for our case let’s just put wordpress_db as our database name and click create.

After this, we should get a new database name wordpress_db and show on our left hand side menu.

Now we use our browser and go to http://localhost, we will a wordpress setup wizard screen.

Select language and click continue

So we will select english as our language and click continue.

click let’s go

Click on Let’s go button and navigate to database info page.

Change the database info and click submit

So now, let’s change our database name to wordpress_db which is the database we just created. username as root and leave the password blank. (default xampp mysql server username and password is root and empty password) We can leave the database host as localhost and table prefix as wp_ then click on submit button.

Click on run the installation

Now we should see the message said that wordpress is successfully talk to our database, let’s run the installation

Now let’s key in our wordpress site info, we will set the site title as My WordPress and use admin / admin as administrator username password (Please change to stronger password and do not use this password for production environment). After fill in all the info, we click on run the button to continue.

Congrats, and now we have our wordpress installed in our local PC.

Local wordpress – http://localhost/

Admin Login – http://localhost/wp-login.php

How to install wordpress in local
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